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''The work of the Father has been completed, as has the work of the Son. What remains now is the work of Feminine salvation; which is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, or the Paraclete, as the Cathars named it, corresponds to that which is Feminine in Divinity. It is the only face of God which is truly accessible to our reason. What I do know, and affirm strongly, is that it is only by the Eternal Feminine that the world will be saved.' - Fabres des Essarts,  Eglise Gnostique de France,  1908.

Step over the threshold into an enchanted world. The historical heart-lands of the Lady and the  Grail. The ancestral realms of the Celts and the Cathars. 


Discover the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene in Glastonbury, and Rennes Les Chateau. Walk the ancient trails of Montsegur. Bathe in holy waters and drink from purifying springs. Visit the secret commandaries of the Knights Templar. 

Cultivated to inspire Gnosis, these intimate initiatory journeys are available on a one to one basis, or for small groups of initiates, artists, esotericists, writers, researchers and spiritual seekers.  Prices on application. 

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