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'The Gnostic Church admits, with all antiquity, the rights of woman to the priestly functions. It does not impose celibacy on its priests. Its morality is eminently sound and pure, and its liturgy is like its morality. It does not belong to any religion. It is the source of all religions.' - Bishop Sophia Esclarmonde, Eglise Gnostique, France, 1913.

The Gnostic Mystery School is an initiatory Mystery school  based in the South of France. 


Drawing upon the teachings of the ancient mystery traditions and the French Gnostic Church - teachings and practices known to the The Cathars, the Knights Templar, the Gnostics, and perhaps, Mary Magdalene herself - the Gnostic Mystery School only accepts a small number of apprentices each year. 


All training is conducted online, with retreats and initiatory journeys held in the UK and the South of France. 


For more information or to apply, please contact

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