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Amanda Mariamne Radcliffe is an artist, writer, mystic, muse, high priestess, and Bishop Sophia Episocopa  in the French Gnostic Church.

In 2019, she became the official 'Occult, Ritual and Witchcraft Advisor' for the Hollywood film adaptation of HP Lovecraft's 'Color Out of Space'.  

As an artist, her mission is to challenge religious taboos through the creation of psycho-active iconography using the body as a ritual object in sacred spaces.

As a writer and speaker, her emphasis is upon The French Gnostic Church, and her  personal mystical experiences with the White Lady, the Black Madonna, and the feminine Divine.

An expert in the history of the Cathars and Fin de Siecle French Esotericism, she lives in the South of France. For more information please contact:

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